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Global Team Management | Data & Analysis | Program Management @ AWS
Elevate your strategic approach, become a stronger PM, interview better, improve your data prowess, and more!
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Unlock your potential with a truly multi-faceted mentor & let's bring the best bits of the Amazon-way into your day-to-day!!

I can help you master data and financial analysis (Excel modelling, SQL, storytelling, etc.), strengthen your program management skills (mechanisms, Scrum & Agile, etc.), support you in becoming a thought leader within your organization, mock interviews or even brainstorm how to be a better, more rounded people manager. Let's collaborate to accelerate your growth towards success!


Hey, I'm Federico and I spent the last decade across Finance, Operations, Customer Experience and Cloud. Currently working at AWS, where I lead a large team of Business Analysts and Program Managers within the Commercial Sales organization. Here's the longer version of what I can help with in case you're still not sold:

🤓Data Analysis -- My background in Finance has taught me how to model data quickly and how to dive deep at the root of problems. I love SQL, crunching numbers and building analysis that people at all levels of the organization can understand and action immediately. I can help you build Excel tools and models, understand how to best structure data and analysis, and how to distill insights from numbers. I even taught 60+ students with ELVTR (links at the bottom!).

📈Program Management, Thought Leadership, Growth -- Amazon has a lot of start-up businesses within and I have been lucky enough to be part of a few during my time. My experience as a program manager has taught me a lot with regards to stakeholder management, mechanisms, frameworks, thought leadership and relentless pursue of excellence. I am a certified Scrum Master and I obsess over mechanisms: efforts without mechanisms are just best intentions. Let's chat about it!

🤝Hiring and Developing the Best -- I am an Amazon Mentor and a certified Bar Raiser (big deal!). I love coaching my team and helping them grow. I have interviewed hundreds of people and inevitably found myself managing performance on a few occasions. I can help you prepare for behavioral interviews, learn how to best have difficult conversations and foster a culture of inclusion and self-growth within your team.

Outside of work? WSET II certified wine connoisseur, avid podcast listener, unconvinced gym-goer, unsuccessful crypto HODLer, future vintage watch collector.

NOTE: I do not represent Amazon. My views are my own and not of the company. I do not advise on Amazon interviews specifically.

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I reached out to Federico for mentorship due to his experience in program management and leadership at Amazon. After we connected, Federico was responsive and ready to help me improve. He helped me prep for interviews at Amazon and TikTok. His actionable feedback was key in refining my interview skills and advancing interview rounds. He's also given me invaluable advice and insight on how to be a better and more strategic program manager. I can honestly say, he's been one of the best mentors I've had. I highly recommend Federico as a mentor!



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I have been looking for a mentor not within my industry to assist me in growing my confidence and thinking around strategy. Federico is incredibly knowledgeable and able, in my opinion, to tailor his experience to my requirements. He is pleasant always available, even during working hours and a great communicator. It makes working with Federico easy and due to his level of professionalism I want to bring my A-Game. I'm still in the early stages of developing the areas I want to improve but I feel the difference in the mentoring time with Federico mentally. There was an occasion, I needed to pivot with regards to what I needed mentoring on and Federico was encouraging, supportive and understood the reasoning. He was very quick in laying out a plan to help me achieve the new goal whilst I paused the original training plan we had discussed. Which I will re-visit at another point in future. It has been great to have a mentor outside of my organisation who I can discuss my personal career plan with. It's only been a few months. This is a really good investment in ones self if you have the means to do it. I would highly recommend Federico to anyone who is looking for a mentor to provide them with mentoring support within the modern workplace.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

Federico has been so helpful helping me solve specific challenges I've faced in my career. He's a visionary thinker with a pragmatic approach which makes his advice and counsel useful and actionable. Federico is a great listener. He leads with empathy and understanding, which leads to deeper insights and value from the mentor-mentee relationship. I highly recommend Federico!!

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