Francesco Strazzullo

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Hi! I’m Francesco Strazzullo and I am a JavaScript Developer and Trainer. I really love to share my expertise with other developers in meetups and conferences. As my mentee you can expect:

* A personalized approach in learning how to be proficient in building complex JavaScript applications
* Learning how to build applications with a frameworkless approach
* How to choose the right technologies for your product mindfully.

In these last years, I specialized in learning how to work with a Frameworkless approach in JavaScript, learning how to work effectively without frameworks. This approach can help to understand how frameworks work under the hood and how to integrate new code in legacy applications. I put all my knowledge on this topic in my first book “Frameworkless Front-end Development” edited by Apress.

I also deepened my knowledge about decision-making, helping development teams to make mindful decisions about frameworks, languages and architectures. I distilled my knowledge in a second book titled "Decision-making for Software Development Teams" edited by Avanscoperta.


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