Francisco Campos

Chief Operating Officer @ Onport - Farfetch Group
Helping Startups Scale
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Hi! I'm Francisco Campos, COO at Onport - Farfetch Group. We do Retail Marketplace technology operating a SaaS business model.

I joined Onport as first hire and helped the founder scale the company over the course of the past 3.5 years.
I've helped drive 15x Revenue Growth, 30 Hires and Sustainable Financial Management.
We also underwent a successful acquisition by Farfetch last year (NYSE listed business in the Technology & Luxury space).

I oversee our Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, Success, Support, Operations, Finance, Legal and People teams.

I love to help startup founders getting initial traction, finding a sustainable business model, building high performing teams and great company culture.
I'm also very close to the Marketplace business model and E-Commerce in general.

If you think I could be of any help, reach out!

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