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$180 / month
GDE & Lead Flutter Developer at Pvotal Tech
Regular Calls
Hey there! 🚀 I'm a: 🧑‍🏫 Self-taught Flutter Developer 👨‍💻 With 3 years of experience in Flutter and Flutter Web 🏋️ Team Lead of 6 exceptional developers 💙 Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart 🦄 Experienced startup-er, be it setting up the architecture for the project, coding standards, cultivating ...
Only 5 Spots Left
$120 / month
Product Manager at OutSystems
Regular Calls
From developer to manager without cutting corners. Learn a role or position, put it in practice, consolidate and mentor others. Once you are ready to mentor others you are ready for your next career step. This has been my motto during my professional life and it helped me overcome different ...
Only 3 Spots Left
$220 / month
Head of Product at Synthesized
Regular Calls
For the last few years, I have helped organisations and teams to understand why good products are only achieved when we understand our users and market. Adding value to current propositions and creating new products has been a key part of my work. I have helped teams grow from 0 ...
$150 / month
Talent Manager at Manda-te Lda
Regular Calls
Hi! I am a Coach and TEDx Speaker, and the founder of the famous online Jobs Platform, Manda-te!, which has more than 250 thousand followers on social media and more than 1 million monthly views on the website. I have more than 15 years experience working on Human resources, including ...
$240 / month
Software Engineer at
Regular Calls
I am a general intelligence living in Lisbon. My training and my primary research interest is software engineering. I believe that one of the essentials goals of our generation is to upgrade and overcome the limitations of our biological hardware – primarily death. I attended a Masters's Degree in Electronics ...
Only 1 Spot Left
$240 / month
UX Educator & Learning Experience Designer at Independent
1 x Calls
I believe we all can contribute to creating a positive impact in the world. Being in UX, my purpose is to understand deeply the users so the products and interfaces we create solve real problems and make people's lives better. How do we align user-centered experiences with business needs and ...
Lead Senior Frontend Engineer at
5.0 stars
5.0 (13 reviews)
Hi there 👋 Do you want to become a developer with a solid foundation in the frontend ecosystem? I'm glad you found me! I can guide you to build simple websites with plain HTML, CSS, and Javascript. And move up to more complex apps using modern UI Libraries like React, ...
Only 3 Spots Left
$199 / month
CEO at Build Up Labs - Startup Incubator
Regular Calls
Serial entrepreneur for 20 years, willing to share the experience and learnings with driven young entrepreneurs. My goal is to help entrepreneurs avoid the most common mistakes of starting a business and focus on finding "undiscovered" new mistakes. Currently managing a leading startup incubator in sunny Lisbon, where we help ...

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