English & Hungarian speaking professional with over 18 years of experience in various Business IT infrastructure and application services. I lived in 4 different countries and travelled to over 30 countries.
I am passionate about growing professional skills & looking for opportunities to innovate is part of my daily routine, focusing on operational excellence, driving tangible results and measurable business impact. Spending a lot of time developing my skill set about the newest technologies and the latest trends in IT services, so I can bring the best out of the teams, people and infrastructure I am sorrunded with. All my previous employers highly appreciated this attitude, resulting in a high degree of inefficiency and financial savings.
Currently working for ABN Amro Bank, leading their Azure Networking team to build a scalable, event-driven network platform supporting the weight and their goal of moving most of their infrastructure to run on Azure PaaS/SaaS and IaaS services and decommissioning their existing Datacentre and co-located traditional server platforms.
I was previously involved in many integrations, migration and support of Windows and VMware solutions over the years; however, Cloud solutions stay closer to my heart and apply DevOps / Automation principles into the world of event-driven architecture & designing for failure.
While I'm a developer on paper and fully working DevOps/Agile/Scrum, (Platform) Architecture is where I find myself thriwing the most.

I would like to share my lifelong experience & journey with you in order to bring the most potential out of you.
This could include the following, however not limited to :
- Finding new tools/technoligy/method you could use on your day-to-day tasks
- Finding ways to get promoted or land a new job
- Helping you to stand out in your current role, or to find solutions to what you have stuck with
- Reviewing CV from "hirability" point of view
- Helping to build your professional carreer on the long run

If you think I'm the mentor you are looking for, drop me a message.

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