Gabor Kalmar

Azure Architect @ Deloitte
Azure Architect/Technical lead with 18 years of IT experience
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English & Hungarian speaking professional with over 18 years of experience in various Business IT infrastructure and application services. I lived in 4 different countries and travelled to over 30 countries.
I am passionate about growing professional skills & looking for opportunities to innovate is part of my daily routine, focusing on operational excellence, driving tangible results and measurable business impact. Spending a lot of time developing my skill set about the newest technologies and the latest trends in IT services, so I can bring the best out of the teams, people and infrastructure I am sorrunded with. All my previous employers highly appreciated this attitude, resulting in a high degree of inefficiency and financial savings.
Recently joined Deloitte, where I'm an Azure Architect for NSE cloud ( Deloitte Internal ) whereby helping customers all around Europe to move their workloads to Azure. As my secondary focus is also to increase automation, platform and Way of Working maturity.
Until very recently worked for ABN Amro Bank, leading their Azure Networking team to build a scalable, event-driven network platform supporting the weight and their goal of moving most of their infrastructure to run on Azure PaaS/SaaS and IaaS services and decommissioning their existing Datacentre and co-located traditional server platforms.
I was previously involved in many integrations, migration and support of Windows and VMware solutions over the years; however, Cloud solutions stay closer to my heart and apply DevOps / Automation principles into the world of event-driven architecture & designing for failure.
While I'm a developer on paper and fully working DevOps/Agile/Scrum, (Platform) Architecture is where I find myself thriwing the most.

I would like to share my lifelong experience & journey with you in order to bring the most potential out of you.
This could include the following, however not limited to :
- Finding new tools/technoligy/method you could use on your day-to-day tasks
- Finding ways to get promoted or land a new job
- Helping you to stand out in your current role, or to find solutions to what you have stuck with
- Reviewing CV from "hirability" point of view
- Helping to build your professional carreer on the long run

If you think I'm the mentor you are looking for, drop me a message.

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Gabour consistently provides exceptional service. His expert guidance has been crucial in my Azure learning journey, turning complex concepts into manageable tasks. His unwavering patience and depth of knowledge create a supportive learning environment, making every session invaluable. Truly commendable ongoing support!

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