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Hakkı Kırmızı

Architect / Principal Engineer @ Carousell / Ex-Yahoo
10+ years of experience in software development and agile project management
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Hi there~ Nice to meet you!

Currently an architect and principal engineer at Carousell, formerly a lead engineer at Yahoo with two startups experience before. I am a big advocate of knowledge transfer and mentorship - a Scrum trainer (Scrum Master and Product Owner) and agile coach. I have mentored many colleagues and students professionally and grow their career throughout my own career.

I am experienced in designing large scale distributed system architecture and software development as well as in the research fields of natural language processing, semantic networks, commonsense reasoning.

You are welcome to ask me anything about software development, team and project management as well as career growth in general. If you are thinking about just starting your journey or you are in the middle of your career that you don't know what is next step or you are just someone like me needing a brainstorming buddy for any technical/non technical problem, drop me a message anytime and let's get started!

PS. I am fluent in Turkish, English and Chinese languages.

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