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I have worked in both start ups and corporates, from 4 to 20,000 employees in both the private industry and with government agencies in Europe, the US, Singapore and now New Zealand. I've been a long time individual contributor/software engineer (15+ years), always been fascinated about the human side of IT work, collaborating with the other parts of the business. I made the transition to management in early 2021 and love it.
I've had a few mentors in my career, learned so much from them and want to give back and share that knowledge and experience (and learn more along the way).
If you're unsure about your next steps (how and in what direction can I/should I grow, is management just the next logical step, is it the right step for me, how can I improve my current team's working together), I'm more than happy to help you along that decision and path.
If you experience a Dev vs Operations separation in your work and heard of 'devops' and would like to know more, let's talk!
A deep interest of mine has been that of IT security, greatly enhanced by now working for a IT security company. If love to chat about how to make that not a side effect on your daily worklife too!

PS: Gerne k├Ânnen wir auch auf Deutsch miteinander reden (happy to chat in German as well)

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