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Why mentor with Herbert?

- Trained by official Scrum trainers from and obtained different levels of certificates. The founder of is Ken Schwaber who is one of the scrum guide author.
- Self-awareness for continuous improvement and attended different training to enrich my Scrum Master / Agile Coach skills
- 25+ years software development experience
- Adapt Scrum/Agile from medium-sized to enterprise companies for 10+ years from 1 to multiple Scrum Teams.
- Building self-organise and high performance teams in software development industry
- Support you to throughout the Scrum/Agile journey between teaching, mentoring and coaching.

I am passionate about innovative technology and have over 25+ years of software development, architect, consulting, and management experience in various business industries such as Logistics, Banking, Consultancy, Digital, Aviation, etc from medium-sized to enterprise companies

With my 10+ agile experience catering to different industries and clients. I deeply believe Agile is above all an attitude based on trust, discipline, and a flexible mindset that helps to improve the way of product delivery in this innovative century.

As an Agile Coach, I support the organization in digital & agile transformation. Coaching and mentoring - both the business and technology teams I bring them up to speed with Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps and also provide them personal support with a Growth Mindset and Values.

As a Scrum Master, I facilitated the teams to develop the best technical design and approach. Coach the Scrum team and organization for agile/scrum adoption. Coach and empower the teams to self-organize; Facilitate discussion and conflict resolution.
Provide agile training to understand its mindset, change, and benefit. Facilitated the business case preparation with agile practices e.g. budgeting, product road map, and release planning.

As “Scrum Guide” mentioned, it is easy to understand and difficult to master. Similar to our life, we inspect and adapt in daily/hourly basis from time to time.

Are you feeling the same? If yes, I am passionate to support you for growth and be a part of agile practitioners.
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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

herbert is a great mentor i am soo grateful he is my mentor



5 out of 5 stars

Herbert is a very articulate coach and mentor. I would recommend anyday anytime and thanks for your productive advises/suggestion.



5 out of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed my mentoring with Herbert, he always has lots of energy for sessions, is incredibly knowledgeable and a great guy. Thank you!!



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