Hossam Mourad

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Hey! I have been in the tech industry as a software developer (specializing in front-end development) for around 8 years so far. I believe that creating software is a craftsmanship, not only writing code that works. I'm currently leading a team at Fullscript where we build a platform to help people get healthier. Our goal in Fullscript is to leverage technology to help people get better.

I believe in mentoring as the most efficient and tailored way of transferring knowledge. Software development is not only about writing the code. Writing the code is the easy part of our job once you get the hang of it. Creating software is about ethics, critical thinking, providing value without over-engineered solutions, and all of these parts that should join forces together to form a mature software developer who knows how to add value and help people.

My technical skills are mostly focused on front-end development. I started coding for the frontend when CSS was not yet mainstream and websites were created using only tables because the other HTML elements were not mature enough. Then the industry moved to use jQuery and some basic JavaScript to add some client-side magic to websites. Then I moved with the industry to use libraries that tried to act like mini-frameworks for building web apps rather than simple websites (MooTools and Backbone to name a few). Now we're in the era of using mature tools like TypeScript and React that can create stable unicorns in the frontend. It has been quite a journey and I enjoyed each part of it. I'm genuinely looking forward to how technology will advance and its potential effect on how we write client-side applications.

I can help you gain deep insights into the industry and what makes a good software developer through the lens of my experience so far in multiple business domains such as education, healthcare and e-commerce.

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