Howard Tang

Founder @ CodeThread
10 years of experience in webdev and startups. I focus on principles to build valuable software.
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$300 / month

4x 1h review + pair programming sessions a month, along with async reviews and questions

4 calls per month

Unlimited Q&A via chat

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I'm here to help you reach your career goals in software and startups.

As someone who is self taught, and paid for private training myself to help build my own career from the ground up I know what it's like.

We'll work together to define your own goals, understand your personal motivations, and a plan for how you can best progress toward them in a way that's healthy and sustainable.

Having worked at 2 early-stage startups joining at team size 10-15:
* one didn't make series A and we had to sell the company which we did to Palantir
* the other is now series C~ and has raised over $140m in funding (which is still where I work now)

I've gone from junior developer to engineering manager roles and worn a lot of hats along the way.

Since I'm now committed to a 3 day workweek, I want to spend time coaching people also serious about building valuable software careers that work for them.

Types of people I'd love to help:

* devs looking to found or join an early-phase startup
* devs with 1-2 years of experience, who want to understand how to make their "mid level" career work for them
* founders or senior+ developers making a serious inquiry into the nature of why software is valuable, along with how to effectively and repeatably build valuable software
* someone with no professional dev experience who wants to learn the ropes and make their start in the industry

Book a free intro call at or see my regular posts about the value of software:

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