Ibukun Dairo

Principal Software Engineer @ Cuesoft
Principal Software Engineer @ Cuesoft Inc.
Nigeria Active 4 months ago


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I am a seasoned Software Engineer with over a decade of experience developing robust, scalable, and dependable applications. My experience includes working with a variety of technologies such as React, Vue, Go, Node, Typescript, Python, and Flutter, as well as databases such as Postgres and MongoDB. I have extensive experience using Mocha and Jest to implement unit and end-to-end testing, ensuring high-quality code and reducing the likelihood of bugs and errors.

In addition, I have experience deploying highly scalable API microservices using Kubernetes, Docker Containers, and Lambdas on cloud platforms such as GCP and AWS. I've also worked with CI/CD pipelines to ensure that code is delivered to production in a timely and efficient manner.

My experience working with Fintech companies in Nigeria, the United States, and Brazil has given me a thorough understanding of the issues that arise in this space, and I am dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the highest security, reliability, and compliance standards.


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