Co-founder @ Perzonalization Inc.
An organized self-starter and motivated entrepreneur (1X EXIT)
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Best suited for; startup and scale-up founders, product teams and corporate innovators.

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---Mentorship in European Hours---

I call myself "an organized self-starter and motivated entrepreneur". Although I wore multiple hats, I have always been a marketer at heart :) I have 20 years of experience in professional life and in building online businesses.

-> I co-founded two companies (Perzonalization Inc. + SK Bilisim)
-> I grew both businesses via bootstrapping
-> I sold the business and had a successful EXIT

I believe I can help you with:
-> Idea validation
-> Finding the first paying customers
-> Reaching product-market fit
-> Business model generation
-> Creating a marketing strategy
-> SaaS marketing, especially growth marketing
-> Building online sales channels
-> Pricing
-> Budget management
-> Building and leading a multi-skilled team
-> Product Marketing
-> Innovation practices via Jobs to be Done, Lean Startup and Business Model Generation


I believe you're going to like this small survey because when you fill it out, it will show you where you are (or your company is) in your startup journey❗❗❗

I can help you the most if you are;
-> The co-founder of an early-stage startup
-> One of the first employees of an early-stage startup
-> Working for a scale-up with some growth-related issues
-> An intrapreneur, product manager, or product marketer working on a new product/innovation idea

I am looking forward to chatting with you! Just schedule your call with me.

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