Ilya Kaznacheev

Founder @ InfraPulse
10+ years of building complex systems
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Want the app to handle millions of users? Want to use the cloud, but not overpay? Want to create a robust yet flexible architecture? I am the right person to ask.
I'm Ilya, Cloud Native Architect and Founder of InfraPulse, Google Developer Expert on Cloud, Ph.D. in Engineering, CNCF CKA, GCP PCA.
I've been building cloud platforms for a long time. One of my recent projects - K8s-as-a-Service at MTS Cloud - from MVP to production with 99.99% SLA. Also, I helped big companies with cloud migrations, designed distributed telecom systems with extremely high loads, and developed cloud provider infrastructure.

Right now I’m focusing on helping small and medium-sized companies with public clouds. I’ve worked a lot in startups and within a public cloud provider, and I know cloud-native best practices and architecture very well, therefore I’m willing to share that knowledge with technical product teams.

Also, I’m into coffee and motorcycles.


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