Ino Chang

Sr. Manager @ Palo Alto Networks
Product Executive Leader & Ex-Big4 Consultant | Ex-Google, Salesforce, IBM, Deloitte, PwC
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I'm an ex-consultant for IBM, Deloitte, and PwC and am now a Product Leader at Palo Alto Networks doing M&A and product management. I've conducted more than 1K+ case interviews and have dedicated time to coaching 500+ people on how to break into tech, consulting, and product management from non-technical backgrounds. I have experience working in tech, media, public sector, health, and start-ups. During my consulting career, I've spearheaded digital transformation at Fortune 100 companies such as Google and Salesforce. I've helped 500+ candidates land a job in tech, consulting, or product management, go through job transitions, or thrive in their current fields.

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5 out of 5 stars

Ino did a good job of showing up prepared and doing some initial research based off the company and position I was interviewing for. Even though it wasn't his field, he still provided good insight into what an interview at that level and position may be looking for and pointers to help my preparation.

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