Ivan Rodriguez

Architect @ Inditex
Architect @ Inditex, former Eng. Director @ Scopely and Eng. Manager @ King
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I am Ivan Rodriguez, a Software Architect at Inditex. I have been in this role since July 2022 and, among other responsibilities, have been mentoring new leaders using my knowledge and expertise to help them face their new challenges and reach their goals.
Prior to this, I was an Engineering Director at Scopely for 5 years, where I was responsible for leading several teams working on personalisation tools for mobile games. During this time, I successfully implemented high personalisation within these games, which allowed targeting different experiences to different players based on their characteristics.

In addition to my professional life, I am a member of the Plato community, a professional leadership network, where I mentor new leaders. Through this, I am able to share my knowledge and help them navigate their career paths.


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