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Jack Rode

Chief of Staff, CEO @ Mr Yum
Climbing a ladder is boring, let's use an elevator
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Hey everyone, I'm Jack. Currently I'm working at Mr Yum as our Chief of Staff, CEO.

Here's what I can help you with:

~ Finding a role you will love ~
After years of experimenting, I found some useful tactics and heuristics that led me to my role of Chief of Staff.

~ Landing your dream role ~
I can guide you on how to create your own role, and find someone that will hire you for it.

~ Getting promoted, fast ~
In 3 years I went from a consulting grad at PwC to joining the executive team at a 200+ person company - this is repeatable and I can show you how.

A bit of background on my experience:

At Mr Yum I work closely with our CEO (Kim) and executive team to deliver projects that drive commercial and cultural change. Outside my project work, I act as a conduit between Kim and the rest of the business, allowing information to flow up and down with the least amount of friction. I also work 1-1 with Kim to help her navigate tough decisions, problem solve challenges and capitalise on new opportunities.

Highlights at Mr Yum include: helping raise the third largest Series A in Australian history ($89M USD), acting as interim Head of Strategy & Operations.

Before Mr Yum, I was a consultant at PwC. And before that I spent a bunch of time interning at VC firms, tech startups and marketing agencies.

As for outside of work, I’ve recently become obsessed with meditation and have spent the last few years immersing myself in different techniques and schools of thought.

Throughout the past few years, I’ve managed to combine my work experience in tech/consulting and my interests in meditation/spirituality to create a unique coaching offering.

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