Janna Kimel

Sr. UX Research Manager @ Janna Kimel Consulting
Expert UX Researcher with 20 years of experience, largely health tech
United States of America Active 11 months ago
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I found UX Research while attending graduate school with a cohort of designers and engineers where I realized that listening to people was a real skill. I've switched careers several times and happy to discuss that bumpy transition or help you grow if you are mid-career. It's an honor to help people grow in their careers and it continues to renew my excitement about the field.

For the last 20 years, I have been a researcher and for the last 5 a manager of UX Research teams. The majority of my career has been in health tech, working for Dexcom, Hinge Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Intel's Digital Health Group. I have experience working in hardware and software with both local and remote teams.
I've been on teams of many sizes at companies from 1,000 employees to 100,000 employees. I've built teams from the ground up, and I've had the experience of been a team of 1.

I look forward to helping you carve out the best path for yourself, highlight your "special sauce" and grow into the right role for you.

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