Jared is a Certified Information Security Management Professional with experience in many industries. He brings over 11 years of experience. Currently, he is currently the Global Manager, Cybersecurity, for a leading provider of cloud-based software. Jared has been active as a Springboard mentor and community contributor since 2021.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Honours in Computer Science in 2011, Jared went back to school, doing a Post Graduate Degree in Network and Systems Security Analysis, and then acquired several cybersecurity certifications. Since then, he has worked as a Security Consultant in the Consulting industry, an Enterprise Security Analyst in the banking industry, Lead of Security Operations in the transportation industries, Head of Information Security in the Gaming industry, and Global Manager, Cybersecurity in the Legal, Real Estate, and Software industries.

In his spare time, Jared likes to tinker on his Raspberry Pi which he uses for adblocking, home automation, writing Python scripts, and hosting web servers.

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