Jenn S

Product Designer @ Google
15+ years experience in interaction/UX/product Design, UX strategy
United States of America Active 2 months ago


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Hi, I am a product designer and UX strategist based out of Silicon Valley. I am now working at Google as a product design lead. With 15+ years of experience in UX and design thinking, I also have a proven track of record being a successful UX/UI designer having worked on numerous high impact and high profile products in top tier companies such as VMware, eBay,, Cisco etc. My design background extends to enterprise products, consumer facing offerings, e-commerce marketing, etc.

Over the years, I have grown from a junior graphic/UI designer to a product design lead, skillful and knowledgable at design thinking, UX strategy, collaboration within the design team as well as our cross-functional partners. Not only I have grown so much, I also have helped many designers excel in their career.

I have been actively involved in interview process for the companies I worked at. I know what companies are looking for in UX designers, and how to stand out from all the candidates and ace the interviews - from the portfolio review, to whiteboard challenges, design critique and 1:1 sessions. I know how overwhelming the process can be. But once you grasp the strategies and practice the tactics, you will find your efficient way to success!

Meanwhile, I have been mentor for junior to mid level designers for years. I have helped them get their dream jobs and guided them grow in their career ladders.

Whether you are looking for a coach/tutor for your upcoming interviews or a mentor for the long term growth in your UX design career path, I am the one for you!

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