Jenny Chu

Product Lead @ Canva | Ex-Atlassian | First PM at Eucalyptus
Senior Product Leader with startup, B2C SaaS and healthcare expertise
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Hey! My name is Jenny Chu. I am currently a Product Lead at Canva, focusing on their second highest revenue generating business line, Canva Print. Right now, I am mostly focusing on Growth (long-term and experimental growth) but I have had an extensive background across different problem spaces and industries such as B2C healthcare, SaaS and more technical product management.

A couple of key highlights of my career:

- Started my career as a generalist in early stage startups, focusing on product design, product management and growth. Most of the startups never made it, but it was fun to partake in accelerator programs, meet people and try a diverse range of skills.
- Got my first "proper role" in big tech as a Product Manager at Atlassian. I worked across many different teams, mostly in the platform teams: Media (images/videos etc.), Cloud Infrastructure, Teams and Notifications.
- Left big tech to go back to my roots and join an early stage startup as their first product hire and employee #15 at Eucalyptus. I helped the company grow from 15 people to 300 people (1 -> 20 people in the Product team), from Series A to Series C, and crowned as one of Australia's fastest growing startups.
- Originally led the team at Eucalyptus as Head of Product but missed IC / individual contributor work so decided to step down so I could help ship value to customers more directly.
- Advised and consulted with various startups across Australia in multiple industries such as HR Tech, MarTech and more.

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