Jessica Bridges

Engineering Manager @ Flowcode
Engineering / Leadership / Coaching / Startups
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My career in technology leadership has spanned a breadth of startups and technology products. Starting as an IC and working my way into engineering management, I learned by doing, building, and working with amazing teams. Over the years, I was fortunate to have amazing mentors that helped me navigate my career. These mentors helped me lead teams and build my engineering and architecture skills.

Fast forward a few years and I am here to offer that same mentorship to engineers and engineering leaders that are looking to grow their skills or are unsure of the next step in their journey. The process of working with others to achieve their ambitions is immensely rewarding.

You might ask, who am I?

I am a software engineer and leader who has worn many hats over the years from software architect and engineering manager to CTO and co-founder of my own startup. My career has spanned several amazing startups both large and small. From data processing in the early days of the Twitter firehose to the trenches of Agile coaching for struggling teams, I’ve done a bit of everything.

Career growth is driven not just by determination but also by asking the right questions, learning the right skills, and understanding how to put the pieces together in a plan of action. I’d love to help you explore those next steps.

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