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I specialize in operations, service, and support in the technical field. If you are looking to get started in technical product and service delivery or you need assistance with advancing in your current role, I would like to help in that journey. I can offer my knowledge from 15+ years of experience working in Operations which I have provided companies with to improve or create their processes, documentation, and training.

Being hired by a company means they are taking a risk and operational cost on you based on the image you convey in the interview. Obtaining a degree or relevant certificates may not be enough. You need to prove you can be trusted to understand and minimize their risks. Creating this trust is essential and a degree or relevant certificate may help, but it does not guarantee acceptance.

If you are already in a support role, you may not be displaying what your manager is looking for to tap you for advancement. You may also not see the signs that are telling you to move on and look for a better opportunity elsewhere.