Joey Pedicini

CTO @ CleverApply
11+ years of experience as a software engineer, previously a senior frontend engineer at Amazon
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I specialize in helping people build projects, and using the projects as a way to level up their career.

Learning software development can be challenging. There's no definitive right or wrong way to learn, but I firmly believe that anyone can learn if they're properly motivated.

When you begin work with me, we'll first discuss your current situation and your goals for mentorship. I tailor my mentorship depending on your individual situation, but my general structure is based around project development.

My teaching philosophy is to guide you in building your own project start to finish, following a typical structure you'd find in a professional environment. And throughout the process of building that project you will get a feel for what it could be like working in a professional setting, while also building something uniquely beneficial to you. You write the requirements, you decide the technology to build with, and you control the pace and how the project will advance as you advance.

Everyone has a unique background and unique interests. Finding a place for you to shine your brightest is my ultimate goal.


My lite plan will always be the absolute lowest I can charge. I do this because I want to always honor the reason why I started mentoring in the first place. I genuinely enjoy teaching and this is a way for me to teach in my own unique way. If that's still too much check out my featured content I have a free course I am actively developing based on my own experience and of the collective people I've mentored.

Standard mentorship plans include:
* resume reviews
* linkedin reviews
* portfolio reviews
* code reviews
* project coaching
* career advice
* job search support
* general Q&A

Live sessions include everything above plus:
* mock interview
* pair programming

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
2 months

Joey helped me switch my career to Web Development, he's an amazing mentor. He gave me great advice on how to enhance my portfolio website, improving my CV, how to bring out my best potential at jobs interviews and managing my personal projects. Plus, he's really friendly and easy to talk to. Thanks to him, I succeded in finding a great job. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for career guidance!



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
7 months

Joey is a great mentor not only for newbies, but for anyone who wants to start a project and learn how to "get things done". I was able to benefit not only from his technical knowledge, but also from his very good product and practice orientation, which helped me to stay on track and not get thrown around by irrelevant details.



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
2 months

Joey is a wonderful mentor! He is very kind and responsive when I need help. He is always open to hear me out in my career searching journey. If you are looking for a real expert in the field who is kind and ready to listen and help with your technical issues, questions or even curiosities. With joey you will find the right person.

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