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Joey Pedicini

Senior Frontend Engineer @ Amazon
10+ years of experience as a software engineer, currently at Amazon
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Learning software development is hard. There's no definitive right or wrong way to learn, but I firmly believe that anyone can learn if they're properly motivated. For some, this motivation stems from the thrill of creation -- starting with an idea in their head, transforming it into physical reality, and then sharing that with the world. That's my preferred learning method, and that's how I assist my mentees.

We can integrate software into our daily lives in countless ways. Even though we're all unique individuals, with our own interests and skills, there's a software project out there for everyone. For me, that project materialized as a journaling app I named Bonjournl.

It all started with a problem - I needed a tool to encourage me to write daily, as writing contributes positively to my mental health. I wasn’t satisfied with the existing tools; they all served their purpose, but they didn’t align with my unique workflow. So, I noted down a few key features that I wanted my app to possess, drafted some rough sketches on a whiteboard, and set to work.

When I initiate work with a new client, I urge them to consider a problem in their daily life that software could potentially solve or improve. It might be an existing product that falls short of addressing their unique challenges. There are a variety of projects that people have wanted to build: a habit tracker, an anonymous therapy app, a podcast summary generator, an online dog tag, a community prayer app, and the list goes on.

What's fantastic about this learning approach is the innovation it spurs; while learning software development, fresh ideas and perspectives on existing issues are constantly being formed. One project at a time, we're incrementally improving the world. The ability to share your creation with the world is a powerful driving force.

That's the allure of the information age. All the information you need to bring whatever ideas you conjure up to life is at your fingertips. At times, all that's required is guidance from someone who has tread the path before to help you navigate it. My clients are the captains of the ship; I merely act as a guide to keep them on course and prevent capsizing. I'm there to cheer you on and reassure you that you have what it takes.

My teaching philosophy is to guide you in building your own project start to finish. And throughout the process of building that project you will get a feel for what it could be like working in a professional setting, while also building something uniquely beneficial to you. You write the requirements, you decide the technology to build with, and you control the pace and how the project will advance as you advance.

Everyone has a unique background and unique interests. Finding a place for you to shine your brightest is my ultimate goal.


You can check out my linkedIn page for more information about my credentials. Or you can visit my personal site to see some of my work https://joeypedicini92.github.io/

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5 out of 5 stars

Joey is a wonderful mentor! He is very kind and responsive when I need help. He is always open to hear me out in my career searching journey. If you are looking for a real expert in the field who is kind and ready to listen and help with your technical issues, questions or even curiosities. With joey you will find the right person.



5 out of 5 stars

Great communication and advice from the beginning, highly recommend



5 out of 5 stars

Joey is very knowledgeable and responded quickly and thoroughly to all questions I had both technical and career related - would highly recommend!

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