Jonas Bröms

Product Designer @ Odduse Ltd
I transform user needs into intuitive designed experiences to achieve company growth
Cyprus Active last month


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👨‍💼 I'm a 42-year-old man from Sweden 🇸🇪, currently residing in Cyprus 🇨🇾.

👩‍🎤 25 years in digital production.

🏆 'Super Mentor' 4 months in row. Performed +5000 minutes as mentor. Helped designers craft portfolios, improve their CVs & land a jobs in a competitive market, gain leadership capabilties & solve complex professional challenges thru coaching.

💼 I'm a M-shaped Senior Product Designer & a Medior Fullstack Developer, with a focus on Frontend tech like: Node, React, TypeScript, Framer Motion, Tailwind, MUI, GraphQL. I've done this work both as a freelancer & employee.

🎨 On my Figma profile you will find me as the creator of open-source libraries that have over +70,000 downloads, I actively contribute to the Figma community.

🤼 I've got a background as a former Greco-Roman wrestler (17 yrs) & MMA fighter (4 yrs).

❤️ I love & cherish my time with my wife, our two German Shepherds. I enjoy tech, meetups, hiking, & entrepreneurship.

🟦 My LinkedIn highlights my three vocational college degrees, over 100 certifications in CX, UX, UI, IxD & Fullstack development, digital marketing, project management & leadership from: Google, IBM, Meta etc.

🎓 In 2024, I aim to pursue and complete a BSc in Computer Science through Coursera.

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