Jon Cunningham

Business development, Systems, Process and Automation Mentor (Asana/Zapier skilled) @ FlowFlows
20 years helping businesses to solve problems, simplify and grow...
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Want To Make Work Simpler?
I can help; I work with clients to streamline processes, remove clunky repetition and remove unnecessary manual work. I use a variety of tools including Zapier to get teams working more efficiently…

Want To Get Better Results From Your Business Development Efforts?
I get it, sometimes it can feel like you’re throwing mud at the wall and nothing is sticking. I have a tried and trusted methodology to get Business Development working for my clients. I don’t just talk theory; I have walked the walk in recent times!

Want To Get Asana Working Better In Your Organisation?
I started using Asana in 2018 to fix a lot of issues in an agency I ran at the time; I went on to become a Certified Pro - and my company, FlowFlows, is now an Asana Partner. I have worked with sole traders and large multinational companies on problem solving, troubleshooting, implementation and more…

Want To Improve Your Cold Outreach?
I spent 20 years growing businesses with cold outreach, I grew business from zero to acquisition - I know what works and what doesn’t better than most!

*Who Am I?*

Hi! I'm Jon, a mildly eccentric ADHDer who has an innate skill for zero-ing on the real causes of challenges that clients are facing and working out the ways that they can address their specific challenge.

I’ve spent 20 years growing businesses through a variety of lenses; business development, operations and technology but I always bring a pragmatic, plain-speaking and very human perspective to any situation.

When I am not helping businesses, I mentor young people whose education has broken down and help prepare them for the futures they are capable of.

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