Julia Zaytseva

Senior Product Designer @ Dott
I help you improve both UX and UI skills using no-bs, no-drama pragmatic approach
Netherlands Active last month Usually responds in a day or two


$240 / month

Best suited for designers who need ongoing support in current projects or portfolio building.

4 calls per month (30min/call)

Unlimited Q&A via chat

Expect responses in 2 days

Hands-on support

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I'm a Senior Product Designer with 12 years of experience, background in software engineering, and a special interest in design systems and typography. I'll be there for you when you feel stuck, frustrated with some work issues, or need someone to talk to.

If you're just starting in product design, I can help with:
— CV and portfolio review,
— portfolio building,
— mock interviews and job applications,
— career advice.

If you already have some experience, I can help with:
— specific design cases or situations at work;
— giving and receiving feedback;
— 🔥 working with PM's and developers;
— 🔥 choosing a career path in design;
— getting into more senior role;
— UI/visual design issues;
— working with Figma;
— 🔥 creating UI components and setting up a design system.

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