Kartick Suriamoorthy

Head of Ads Forecasting Infrastructure @ Amazon
Software Development Leader with 15+ years of experience managing globally distributed teams
United States of America Active last week Usually responds in a week or longer
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I manage software engineering teams (currently at Amazon) and I have more than 15+ years of experience managing distributed/global teams (ranging from 20-50 engineers). I have 25+ years of software engineering experience building highly available, scalable, and low latency software systems. All my roles have involved working with multiple stakeholders (product, customer support, finance, and end customers) and I have developed and presented 3-5 years roadmaps/vision to senior leadership (SVP/VP). I have worked in small startups (AlterPoint), medium sized companies (ClearSlide), as well as large companies (Amazon, Salesforce).
I like to work with people and help them navigate the intricacies of management as well as company culture. I have experience in growing leaders and invested in specific areas like how to communicate better, how to prepare for big presentations/meetings, how to manage poor performance, how to manage top performers, etc. I tend to listen a lot before I offer feedback or provide solutions and they are tailored for the environment you are in (e.g. a startup environment is very different from a big company environment, and even within big companies - what might work at Salesforce most probably won't work at Amazon because their cultures are different).
Feel free to reach out to me about any software engineering or management issue that you have a question about or you want to brainstorm about. The best way is to reach out to me is via a direct message in MentorCruise and if I don't respond in 1-2 hours, drop me a line in LinkedIn. Looking forward to working with you!

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