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Kat Chen

Senior Product Manager
Senior Product Manager | 6 years experience in Product | Transitioned from Banking
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Hey there! I'm Kat and I'm currently a Senior Product Manager at a large Australian tech company. Before diving into the tech scene, I cut my teeth in Financial Services and Banking, which gave me a solid foundation in understanding complex systems and customer needs.
I "fell" into the world of product 6 years ago when I joined a start up in the FinTech space, and I've been through a few tough years myself as I found my footing in Product.
What I wish I had back then was someone I could ask for candid and honest advice to help me navigate this entirely new career path and finding out my personal angle in succeeding in the Product discipline.

If you are new to Product - I can help you with a career transition into the field, or if you just want to learn more more about what a career in Product management is like. If you are early in your Product career, I can help with more specific product expertise and career advice, and help you elevate your impact and your brand in your workplace.

I'm incredibly approachable, incredibly honest, and incredibly fun. Let's connect if my style strikes the right chord with you!

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