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Katia Agnamazian

Front-end Engineer
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I’m a Software engineer with 7 years’ experience as a Front-end engineer and 2 years as Engineering manager.
I see my work as an adventure. I strive, together with a team, to create systems that follow high engineering quality standards, monitor them, gather insights, and keep improving them.
In my career, I guide people to grow their skills. Enthusiastic about every kind of technology, I am curious to experience it and embrace it across a company if it leverages our business.
What makes me happy? A robust and scalable application with a shiny and easy-to-use User Interface that customers love.
Also, I'm a mother of 2 young kids. I know how to listen to a 3 years-old talk while cooking and while checking the second one it not setting up the house on fire. Therefore I shine at multitasking

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