In his 15 years of experience, Ken has been able to successfully contribute, lead and deliver on an impressive array of projects and teams. Ken has been a core contributor and leader to high-stakes, real world solutions for some key industry titans. He successfully revolutionized UNFI's distribution capabilities with a custom inventory and asset management system. For Daimler Trucks he built a fleet management system that ingested substantial volumes of telematics data that enabled fleet administrators to more intelligently coach their staff in safe and cost-effective driving practices. He implemented a social conflict and intelligence analysis platform for the Department of Defense that enabled analysts from around the world to share intelligence and model potential conflict scenarios. Most recently serving as an Engineering Director for Acorns Grow, Inc, Ken is bringing his energy and experience of utilizing modern technologies that are scalable and durable to build the next generation of solutions for the financial services industry. Believing that innovation with the right tools creates social net-positives, Ken has specialized in technologies that emphasize the connectivity to the world around us such as graph systems, IoT paradigms and machine learning.

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