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Hi 👋 My name is Keyuri. Do you need help to grow in product? Lets talk!

My goal is to make product management accessible and if YOU need personalized, actionable advice that can help you grow in your career, I'm your bestie. I have 10+ years of experience in B2B SaaS products and co founded SAP Product management Academy while working at SAP. So far I have mentored 250+ product managers and helped them achieve breakthroughs in their goals.

I am excited to welcome you to the dynamic and rewarding world of product management.
Whether you want to break into product or are a new product manager and want to grow, I have many tools to help.

What to expect

First we start with YOU
* Where are YOU right now in your career?
* Where do YOU want to go? (your career goals)
* What is YOUR superpower / leverage? (your unique skills and experience that can be leveraged)

Next we make a plan
* Based on your profile and goals, I will give you a plan - actionable tips to follow and take action
* Based on the plan, I will give you tools that can help you take said action

Then we measure and iterate
* Once you've taken action, we can discuss results and optimize for best results
* This is where I also provide accountability and tips for you to take action (if you struggle with that)


Things I can help you with

1. Career Development (planning and strategizing your next move)
2. Personal Branding (resume, linkedin)
3. Product Portfolio
4. Job Search Strategy
5. First 30-60-90 days as a new PM
5. PM day-to-day challenges
6. Managing other PMs - personnel challenges
7. Networking (I can make connections if my network can help you)

Whether you are transitioning into product management from another role or seeking to enhance your current position, I am here to help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. With my guidance, you can develop the skills and confidence you need to succeed as a product manager and achieve your professional goals.

Lets Talk!

Keyuri Anand

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