Konstantin BIFERT

Frontend consultant @ PassionatePeople
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Hey, I'm Konstantin! 👋🏻
I can help with any related issues about TailwindCSS, Vue and especially Nuxt.
I'm working with Vue for quite some time now and I'm really into the Nuxt ecosystem: I do have a heavy daily participation on StackOverflow.
I also sometimes contribute to open source.

I'm part of the Nuxt.js community team and enjoying solving challenges daily, hence why I may be a good fit to provide you with some advice or debugging. ✨

I'm ready to help if you are looking on ways to improve your current codebase, solve a specific bug, provide with guidelines for your incoming career or anything that a mentee may need help with. ☺️

PS: I do speak French 🇫🇷 and also Russian 🇷🇺, it may help be useful if you struggle very much in English!
Also, feel free to reach me on Twitter @kissu_io or on Discord @kissu#0114. 🤗

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5 out of 5 stars

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1 month

He helped me a lot, Konstantin knows his subject very well. It was a real pleasure to discuss with him.