I am a bootcamp graduate who transitioned into a career in UX Research. Today, I'm a senior UX researcher at YETI and previously led research efforts for multiple Fortune 500 companies. With the help of great mentors I’ve progressed quickly in my career and have fun while doing it.

I am a mixed-method researcher that specializes in qualitative research such as usability testing, user interviews, and card sorting. In addition, I regularly present research findings to stakeholders.

Between making UX YouTube videos and being a Board of Director on IxDA (Interaction Design Association), I’ve helped thousands of unique individuals on a large scale. Today, I want to help on a more personal, 1 on 1 basis to help you succeed.

Whether you define success as creating a research portfolio, interview preparation, overcoming imposter syndrome, or simply figuring out what area in UX to pursue, I’d love to support you!

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