Lakshya Garg

Software Engineer @ Meta
AI@Meta | Software Engineer | Llama3 contributor | Columbia University | ex AWS, Goldman Sachs | GWC Mentor
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Hi, I am Lakshya.

I am a software engineer with almost a decade of backend development experience. Currently, I am working in AI@Meta where I have been building expertise in ML and AI infrastructure, specifically delving into the fascinating world of GenAI while focusing on improving research to prod velocity. Previously, I have worked at AWS and Goldman Sachs.

I have a knack for backend engineering and previously, I've navigated various tech stacks, from GCP to AWS, where I was spinning up infrastructure from the ground up and often scaling existing production infrastructure.

As a team leader, I also find joy in mentoring junior engineers interns, nurturing growth and collaboration. I thrive on problem-solving and firmly believe that no challenge is too big or small.

Whether you are in a college application process looking for application review, grad student seeking career advice, a seasoned engineer looking to brainstorm a technical problem / start a new project, or just someone stuck on a heisenbug, I'd be happy to hop on a good hands-on problem-solving session and provide both technical and career goals accomplishments support.

Excited to be a part of "becoming the better you" journey that you are on....

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5 out of 5 stars

Lakshya was great in identifying opportunities that helped me steer toward my goal. Throughout the call, Lakshya was highly interested in listening to my queries and responded in a logical manner that helped me understand my roles and responsibilities as a Data Engineer. She in particular taught me how various tools and technologies tie toghether to get the engineering job done. Overall, the session was informative and I am wanting to repeat multiple sessions like this in future

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