Leah Newman

Senior UX Designer & Consultant | Freelance | Ex-Amazon
What's the story of your career? Let's define it & make it happen!
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I'm a Freelance Senior UX Designer, most recently at Amazon for 7 years crafting stories and designs and influencing product strategy on behalf of our customers.

I recently made the jump into freelancing. Now I want to help others to define and tell the story of their design careers.

If you need help with:
• portfolio and/or CV/resume
• interviewing (design challenge, portfolio presentation, behavioural questions, whiteboard challenges, and generally how to prepare for big tech)
• career advice + planning
• product review and strategy
• team collaboration
• influencing leadership
• design leadership

Reach out to me, and we'll agree on a plan together so that you can gain the next steps in your design career.

My career story:
I started my career in Program Management and unknowingly found myself wearing a designer's hat on a project. That peaked me interested and I started learning more about design and specifically more about UX. As my passion grew, I decided to formalize it by doing a Master's in Interaction Design while I worked at Amazon. During this time, I volunteered my time, worked on small projects, and spoke with a lot of design mentors, to hone my skills. I officially started as a designer-of-one within a development team, and worked my way into a growing design organisation, collaborating with designers, product managers, developers, scientists and program manager on complex solutions to tackle unique problems within the company. As I gained experienced, I began mentoring other designers, from junior- to senior-level, and interviewed and assessed a ton of design talent. Most recently, I decided to stand on my own feet so that I can make a larger impact with my design skills, including mentoring in the wider design community. And that's how I landed here, at MentorCruise, with you reading my career story.

Thank you + hope we will meet you so that I can hear your story!

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