lidia sambito
 Quick Responder

Senior User Researcher @ Whereby

🇬🇧 Hi, I'm Lidia a Senior User Researcher with 3+ years of experience who pivoted from marketing to UX. As a lifelong learner, I've followed my curiosity around the world - I've worked for a variety of companies, such as agencies, startups, and academy.

I've worked in companies with varying levels of UX maturity as a first and sole researcher and have led end-to-end research studies for B2B and B2C sides of the business. I also have previous mentorship experience with junior UX professionals trying to break into the field and/or progress in their careers.

I'm happy to chat about:
- Interview prep questions
- Resume/ Portfolio review
- Transitioning to UX
- Getting started with your first UX/UXR job
- Research practices
- Impostor syndrome
- Applying your UXR skills to different fields
- Adjusting to a different culture
- Being a woman in tech

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