Livio Marcheschi

Director of Product | Certified Coach for Career transition & development
10+ years experience as PM
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šŸ‘‹ Hi Iā€™m Livio,
product professional with 10+ years of experience in growth & early-stage YC backed companies.
Specialised in growth product management (Reforge alumnus) and new initiatives.
Now a certified career transition & development coach, I went from IC to a Director role within 3 years in a YC company, having made the move into product management from a generalist role and from a country with an underdeveloped tech market.

More info about me and where I can help ā¬‡ļø

International economics and business background, with 10+ years of experience in B2C and B2B technology startups and 5+ years leading cross-functional teams.
Reforge Growth program alumnus.

Started in business consulting, early on focused on financial modeling for venture capital investors and on growth marketing analysis, to naturally evolve into growth product management.

Matured extensive knowledge of digital analytics and marketing channel capabilities.
Built and launched my first no-code early-stage product in the area of growth (lead generation), applying funnel and CRO principles to the chatbot world.

Led the B2B product team at AirHelp (30% of inbound revenues) through a reorganisation into smaller teams, delivering +20% YoY top line growth.

Then led the AirHelp+ product team (B2C and B2B) from conceptualisation to adoption to growth, acting as director of product.
Responsible for the launch of a new travel product in the midst of the pandemic and for the introduction of new acquisition channels, resulting in +15% YoY revenue increase.

Working as interim product manager and consultant.
In my free time, I write on my blog, mentor PMs from different companies and work as business coach.

ā€¢ Growth product management: discovery, experimentation (AB tests), MVPs, launch
ā€¢ Business strategy: business cases, market analysis, analytics, business metrics
ā€¢ Cross-functional leadership: design, engineering, analysis, research

ā€¢ Managing multiple types of product work (B2C vs B2B, early vs growth-stage, core vs growth)
ā€¢ Mentoring and training across functions (product, data, design, engineering, marketing, sales)
ā€¢ Understanding of analytics and marketing channel capabilities, and their intersection with product

What I can help mentees on:
ā€¢ Career development (entering product, growing to leadership roles)
ā€¢ Stress management, time management & impostor syndrome
ā€¢ Stakeholder management & expectation setting
ā€¢ Team development (mentoring, coaching, learning & development)
ā€¢ Product discovery (research, low-cost tests, MVPs)
ā€¢ Product growth (experiments, analytics, AB tests)
ā€¢ Product processes

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5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
2 months

Livio is a great mentor and I highly recommend him! I contacted Livio a few months back because I was unhappy of my job and needed help to increase my chances to find alternatives as soon as possible. Thanks to him I understood I had to first find clarity over what I like to do and what can be achieved within a reasonable timeframe, and drafted a plan for the next year to improve certain hard skills. He's very smart and capable of framing complex situations even with lack of context and incomplete information. Also he's a major help in bringing clarity and untangle doubts and confusion that might arise in moments of lack of lucidity due to stress or general job-related unhappiness. He has years of experience and multiple times has provided valuable insights also to open-generic questions unrelated to the main topic of discussion during the call. Again, highly recommeded!

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