Liz Christine Santos

Senior People Operations Manager @ Resilia
10+ years driving people operations in SaaS and Nonprofits
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I am committed to fostering people-centric workplaces and bring over ten years of experience in people operations, supporting emerging organizations with limited to no established HR structures. My expertise covers the full employee lifecycle.

As a proud first-generation individual who has overcome barriers in various aspects of life, I am here to help others achieve personal growth and build generational wealth. I have hands on experience hiring across diverse roles (research & development, revenue and nonprofit) and have personally reviewed thousands of applicants, conducted hundreds interviews, and negotiated numerous offers throughout my career. Let's advance your career, together.

People Ops
💪🏽 Sole leader overseeing people operations in your organization?
👷🏽‍♀️Charged with creating or enhancing Hiring | Performance Management | Career Tracks | Employee Engagement | Manager Development | Employee Relations?
🚀Initiatives I have successfully implemented:
Manager Development Training and Coaching | Employee Engagement Surveys & Engagement Improvement Plans | Diversity, Equity, inclusion Initiatives | Company-Wide & Role-Specific Career Tracks | Headcount Hyper Growth (latest achievement of 126% growth in 13 months)

Professional Growth & Continuous Development
🔍In the midst of a career transition?
⚒️Adapting to internal organizational changes, seeking to navigate and maximize your current opportunities?
🙅🏽‍♀️Struggling with imposter syndrome or feelings of self-doubt?
💵Aspiring to secure a promotion or gearing up to ask for a salary increase?
🗣️Navigating or preparing to navigate the competitive job market and seeking interview preparation or resume refinement? let's make every second count – did you know recruiters spend 6 – 7 seconds reviewing resumes?

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5 out of 5 stars

Liz Christine is a warm and compassionate mentor who offers professional insight and astute analysis for human resources professionals. Her advice has made me better prepared for interviews and answering tough questions in an authentic and relevant way.

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