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I lead ML/DS for a digital healthcare company - my team delivers real ML, AI, and DS work, spanning both research and specific applications. In my spare time I advise companies on DS/ML, strategy, and hiring.

I am a believer that everyone needs a mentor, regardless of their current stage of life. There's always more to learn, and different ways to grow. I've been coaching and mentoring for years, and have worked with a coach myself so I know what it's like to be on the other end of this relationship.

My background is in neuroscience and computational social science, I spent years as a research scientist working on large scale NLP, graph, and causal research plus some commercial and defense/intelligence applications. I have a lot of experience in what makes new machine learning/data science approaches work in real life with real people.


- Goal setting
- Mindset training
- Time-Management techniques
- Interview/Job Search Prep & Mock Interviews
- Code Reviews - Mainly Python, but could do R or SQL too
- Presentations & Telling a Story with Data
- Project Planning - Brainstorming, planning, tracking
- Networking
- Leadership - motivating a team, building a high performing ML team, developing your leadership style

I've negotiated promotions and raises, survived re-orgs, made big leaps in my own career - I can help you do the same, if that's your goal.

I've reviewed thousands of resumes for every DS/ML role from interns to Directors, created DS/ML hiring processes for companies in multiple industries, and regularly volunteer in mock interview clinics for underrepresented students in tech.

I have years of experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring. I regularly teach seminars, deliver training for public and private companies, and advise on DS/ML curricula.

I genuinely like teaching and mentoring - so matter where you are in your career, I want to meet you.

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