Lucas Rappart

Product Designer (UX/UI) @ Freelance
Freelance Product designer with an entrepreneur mindset
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$120 / month

Transition from full-time or in-house design to flourishing as a full-time freelancer.

3 calls per month (60min/call)

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❖ Freelance self-taught Product Designer with an interest in building better and more efficient products and making an impact on users and people's journey

I have helped more than 50+ Designers to get into Freelancing, get their first UX job or advance in their career.

I have a proven track record of helping startups set up a vision and design their product and team from scratch and helping larger organizations and Fortune 500 companies build better products that serve their user's needs and get to market faster by supporting their team.

On the side, I do skateboarding and travel / work remotely and had the chance to live in France, Australia, Barcelona, Singapore, Thailand, and now Switzerland.

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