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ex-Amazon x2, hiring manager at 3 companies, helped 10+ land jobs at Amazon/Google
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I've worked at Amazon, Amazon Web Services, a unicorn startup, a seed staged startup, and in management consulting. Throughout my capacities in sales, marketing, and consulting, I have done everything from cold calling a small brick & mortar business to running teams and being in-charge of closing 8-figure contracts.

Throughout my time, I've developed principles and methodologies that address the below points:
1. How to stand out in a job application process above thousands of other resumes
2. How to nail an interview with virtual certainty
3. How to negotiate pay, raises, and promotions - every single year
4. How to make sure that you not only kick *** at your job, but that people know about it in a way that lines you up for a promotion
5. How to 'manage up' - don't have a bad boss ever again. It's not your boss's fault, it's your opportunity
6. How to present in public (virtually or in-person) in a way that wins over the crowd every single time
7. How sales works at the individual scale, SMB scale, and enterprise scale and how to achieve quota every single time, predictably

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