Professional with accumulated 25 years of both business, consulting and technology exprtise, specialized in the field of enterprise architecture, compliance and IT security. Extensive experience in all aspects of in defining, designing, evaluating, planning, implementing and auditing standards, frameworks, guidelines for large organisations as well as medium sized businesses.

Expert in advising on both strategy, tactics, oeprations and their impact both on business and IT and how you can take full advantage of them, both short and long term.

Worked for various international enterprises and key governmental institutation at which I have contributed definging, improving and validating frameworks, standards, policies and guidelines as well as advised on how to deal with threats, extortions and how to abide to legislative matters such as, yet not limited to, European GDPR, Banking Basel/3 or American Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Lectures at University of Amsterdam as Guest Lecturer on Enterprise Architecture to post graduate students.

Choosing me as your mentor I can help you as a sparring partner, mentor or advisor. On top of that I can help you to get introduced to a network of professionals that can help you with your career.

I offer mentorship in a wide variety of topics, either you being a professional that wants to better your skills, you being a manager or business owner sparring on how to get the most of IT within your business context, you are in need of a sparring partner or you want need someone that can bridge the business gap between Eastern, Central and Western Europe in the broadest possible context.



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