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Mahmud Khairul Rahman

Senior Product Designer
Helped 350+ people learn UX and Product Design
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Hola! I'm a Senior Product Designer from UK with 6+yrs experience in the field, providing mentoring services to new and mid-senior designers. I have a passion for teaching. I have taught over 200+ students about UX/UI and product design.

I am well-equipped to assist you with various crucial tasks, such as fine-tuning your CV and portfolio, crafting new case studies to highlight your skills, and fostering your overall development as a designer. Moreover, I can provide valuable insights and advice to guide you through the professional landscape, whether you are in the early stage of your journey or thinking about elevating your career to the next level.

A few things about me:
After working in the visual design industry I grew my interest in UX and wanted to explore more. Slowly UX design became my passion. I did my Masters in UX design and started teaching students about the fundamentals and also helping people to land jobs. I have worked at 3 international companies as a UI/UX designer, Senior UX designer and Senior Product Designer. Most of my work experiences have focused on curating the UX and UI of SaaS products.

I can help you with:
• Mentoring on UX design. How to solve the problem and which best approach to take in solving the problem
• User research, user interviews, empathy map
• Training on tools like Figma, Framer
• Case studies and help you build them on your portfolio
• Understanding the research method of UX and how to implement them in the correct way
• Providing all the resources that will automate your workload
• UI design and how you can master the design that people love
• Job finding and networking

I envision my role as a mentor contributing to the long-term success and fulfillment of those I mentor. Whether it's helping them navigate career transitions, develop leadership skills, or find a balance between professional and personal life, I am committed to being a steadfast guide throughout their journey.

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