Marco van Hout

Creative director @ Digital Society School, Demadera, Global Goals Jam, World Design Organization
20+ years of experience in design, teaching, coaching and transformational leadership
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Hi there!

I’m Marco van Hout, a transformation designer, UX researcher, and creative leader with over 20 years of experience in UX, user research, and design. At the Digital Society School, I lead a diverse team and develop innovative learning programs. I co-founded the Global Goals Jam with UNDP and am passionate about mentoring young professionals and future leaders of transformation. I have extensive experience coaching and mentoring UX researchers, designers, and non-designers to become transformation designers.

Here’s why you’d like to work with me:

• 🌟 Over 20 years of experience in UX and emotional design.
• 🌍 Co-founder of the Global Goals Jam, inspiring global design activism.
• 🚀 Passionate about mentoring and coaching the next generation of transformation designers.
• 🎓 Extensive experience in developing innovative learning programs.
• 💡 Proven track record in leading and managing diverse teams.
• 🔍 Deep expertise in user research and experience-driven design.

Here's how I work:

• 🌍 Open minded, transparant, informal and conversational
• 🚀 I will launch your transformational journey by guiding you through the 4E's of transformation design: Explore, Embrace, Experiment and Evolve.
• 🎓 You will learn how to become an owner of your own transformation, how to be able to transform your team and organization and how to have more impact in your community and society.
• 💡 You will also learn how you can design systemic solutions, use UX for transformation.
• 🌟 I help you set up a career path with more impact.


• 🔍 I listen, observe and reflect
• 🌟 Inbetween sessions, I make you read, work and think

For whom?

I have mentored 100s of people in my career: students, young professionals, more seasoned managers/ leaders, designers, researchers and career shifters towards the creative industry or social impact.

Let’s collaborate and inspire impactful transformations together! 🚀

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