Mario Hebert

Growth & Lifecycle Group Lead @ Faire
Growth Marketing Technical Leader
United States of America Active 3 months ago


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With 25 years of experience in software engineering, data, and marketing. I am sensitive to the complexities and challenges surrounding the intersection of business processes, technology, compliance, and budgets facing marketing organizations.

I have proven expertise in developing strategies and leading teams to deliver large-scale transformation projects. I can effectively collaborate and communicate at all levels to drive positive business outcomes.

I have a track record of developing, mentoring, and motivating diverse, distributed teams through effective leadership, communication, teamwork, and time management skills.

I serve as a mentor on a few mentoring platforms and have served as a growth marketing advisor/consultant to several tech companies.

Areas of expertise:

Marketing: Affiliate Programs, Attribution, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Other social media ads, Performance Marketing, Podcast Ads, Search Marketing, Sponsored Content

Monetization: Discounting, Monetization Model, Pricing, Upgrade Terms

Retention & Engagement: Activation, Cohort Analysis, Email, Lifecycle Marketing, Notifications, Resurrection, Retention

SEO: Google Search Console, Link Building, On-Page Optimization, SEO Content, SEO Experimentation

Virality: Organic, Referrals

Video: I have helped a company raise money for an Open video platform, built an SSP for video ads (VAST, VPAID, SpringServe), and share a patent in the video ads space.

Highly scalable architecture: I have worked at two of the Comscore top 30 properties (Conde Nast, and TripAdvisor), developing customer-facing web servers using modern web architecture technologies.

I have contributed to a few open-source projects like ethereal (packet sniffer), osCommerce (shopping cart), and Boxee (video streaming). I am on BugCrowd and Kaggle.

I love to travel, I took one year off of work to travel around the world and have visited over 40 countries so far.

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