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Hi there! After 15 years as a communications progressional in the nonprofit sector serving the LGBTQ community, I transitioned into work with corporate retail and technology industries. Throughout my exciting career I have stayed grounded through mindfulness and lessons derived from Buddhism. As your mentor and coach, I will be here for you so that you are emboldened to create a plan to reach your career goals while remaining true to yourself and values, and cultivating the joy you deserve.

- Work with me to over come your fears and nail your public speaking opportunities.
- Work with me to prepare to blow away your interviewers.
- Work with me to transition smoothly from one type of career to another.
- Work with me to find the confidence to be your true, unique and authentic self in challenging work environments.
- Work with me to transform your life from uncertain and chaotic to a more clear and peaceful place.
- And so much more. Let's chat!

You do not have to be in the communications field to benefit from my mentoring services. Everyone needs practice interviewing, public speaking, preparing talking points, refining their resume, and finding confidence and focus. I look forward to hearing from you!

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