Matheus Tait

Managing Director [Spanish/English/Portuguese] @ Thoughtworks
Tech executive - Introverted leader - High performance teams - Carrer - Innovation - Digital Transformation
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Hi, I'm Matheus. As an introvert, I would love to help you navigate challenges related to leadership authenticity and overcoming imposter syndrome. As a seasoned executive, I will be glad to help you create and lead high-performance teams, improve your strategy, make important decisions, and cope with changes and uncertainties.

I am a technology executive with 28 years of experience spanning several countries, cultures, company sizes, and verticals. I'm passionate about digital transformation, diversity in the tech world, and using technology to create a positive impact.

Throughout my career, I've worked on digital solutions, innovation processes, product management, and large-scale software development projects, primarily driven by agile and lean methodologies. I've engaged with various technologies, from legacy systems to cutting-edge advancements like IoT, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics. Currently, I serve as the Managing Director of a global technology company, responsible for the end-to-end business, including P&L, strategy, and growth. A crucial aspect of my role involves leading and nurturing a team of leaders. Additionally, I hold a position on the company's global extended leadership board.

After extensively mentoring and coaching within my organization, helping leaders become authentic, high performers who can navigate change, ambiguity, and uncertainty and, ultimately, achieve their goals, I'm extending my reach to assist a broader audience. I aim to expand my impact, forge new connections, and continue learning.

I'm also open to shorter, focused sessions where I can assist you with specific needs. Whether you're looking to fine-tune a presentation deck, prepare for a crucial interview, or seek guidance on a particular leadership challenge, I'm here to provide targeted support. These shorter sessions can be an excellent way to address immediate concerns quickly. Feel free to reach out with any specific requests, and together, we can determine the most effective approach for your needs.

[EDITED] Even if I speak about software, agile, lean, digital transformation, and other technical experience in my bio, for a matter of conflict of interest and ethics, I can not compete with my employer. That’s why I am narrowing my offering at Mentor Cruise to self-improvement, career growth, leadership, decision making, strategic thinking, etc., and not accommodating technical assessments. If you are in doubt, just message me with your needs, and we clarify if I can help you.

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