Matteo Grassi

Co-Founder @ Popup INC
$0 to $20M ARR Bootstrapped.l Psychologist & Growth Hacker. Raised capital. Helped 50 startups grow.
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Hey there, I've danced with failure and success, launching ventures that ranged from a thousand bucks to 16 million in revenue. I've been in the trenches, raised capital from top-tier investors, and advised over 50 startups on finding their groove in the market.

But here's the thing: I get it. The entrepreneurial journey isn't just about numbers and pitches. It's about the late nights, the self-doubt, and the weight of balancing dreams with reality. That's why I've dedicated time to mentor founders one-on-one, helping them navigate the mental toll of entrepreneurship and find balance in the chaos.

I'm also proud to lead a community of founders where we prioritize mental well-being. And when I'm not in the business arena, I'm giving back through various charities.

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