Mauricio Pava

Lead product manager @ Emotive
6+years in product management with emphasis on lean methodologies and growth
United States of America Active 6 months ago
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Hi, I am Mauricio Pava , experienced product manager (7+ years of experience) in some of the most reputable tech and retail companies. Such as, The home depot, Mailchimp and Emotive.

Here are some of my topics of specialty:
* Product led growth. Enabling growth teams and growth strategies in your company.
* Developing a product strategy and roadmap. How to start one? Where to focus? What is and is not necessary?
* Managing product development life cycles with cross functional partners: expedite delivery while working on what is most important. Communication that is tailored to the audience, whether its technical, design or business strategy level.
* Reducing risk of product failures: building software is expensive, we can help you reduce risk of spending in the wrong things quickly and cheaply

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